Scott has arrived in basecamp (EBC) and has pimped out his tent for the long haul. Anyone who’s hung out with him knows he’s a master organizer! He’ll be based at EBC for the next month at least.  All is going well – they crossed Chukung Ri (a pass) then climbed Lobuche East (20075 ft / 6119 m) to hasten their acclimatization without going through the dangerous Khumbu Icefall too many times.

The Puja took place today (or yesterday depending on who is reading this and where).  Thus blessings are completed and the process of climbing Mt Everest will begin in the next few days.  First:  an acclimatization round to Camp 2 or Camp 3, all going well.  He’ll be on the mountain for about a week then they will return to EBC for a rest before doing at least one other acclimatization round.  The purpose of all this upping and downing is to allow the blood to adapt to the thin air way up in the jet stream parts of our atmosphere.  As an example – if you or I went to the summit of Mt Everest (say we parachuted out of a jet), we’d be dead of asphyxia within 5 minutes.  Hence the need for a gradual ascent.  Fitness doesn’t really play into it much – although the better shape you are, the better your coping mechanisms.

Here are some images from the Puja:



Scott Everest 2017

He’s gone back!  Again working for our good friends at Adventure Consultants.  You can follow their blog at:

Scott is with a private client and they are moving ahead of the rest of the AC team. You can follow his group’s instagram at:  Eaglecresteverest

Today – April 2 – he is currently in Kumjung/Namche Bazaar on their way to acclimatize by climbing Lobuche East.  He’s been a little sick but is sounding better and is in good spirits.  Scott is once again assisted by his assistant camera, Mingma.  Mingma and Scott have worked together since working with Karina in 2013.

They arrive in Base Camp for a fundraising concert by DJ Paul Oakenfold at the camp of HimEX.  Go figure!

I’ll be in touch with more details.  Fingers crossed for a smooth season!





Scott is back in Utah

Scott arrived home very early Monday morning (May 11).  We were really concerned hearing about the very significant aftershock centred near Namche Bazaar in the Khumbu valley on May 13.  At 7.2, this is easily enough to further destabilize buildings and landslides.  Aftershocks are always a big concern and Christchurch (where we were for the 7.3 EQ in 2011) still suffers from aftershocks several years later.

Scott is understandably quite shaken by the experience in Nepal.  The loss of the six Sherpas on the AC team has been especially difficult.  As he and Guy and Suze and Rob Smith (a Scottish guide) travelled down valley and to Kathmandu, they visited the families of the Sherpas who died and also visited the Sherpas still in hospital in K’du.  Although we are happy to have him home, it’s also a relief that he remained to assist AC clean their base camp and to visit and  (to try) to offer solace to the families of the fallen and to visit the other injured Sherpas from the AC team.

Please consider donating to the Sherpa fund via Adventure Consultants:

Scott leaves Base Camp

Scott and the remainder of the Adventure Consultants team – including our good friends Guy and Suze from Adventure Consultants – have left EBC and are heading back down valley toward Lukla and Kathmandu.  Scott says it feels strange to leave Base Camp after all the intensity of focus there.  Happily he found his second hiking shoe and now has a matching pair to walk in.  Regarding his film projects, Scott was actually rolling when the earthquake struck and has continued to film the clean up effort at EBC – led by team leader and multiple Everest summitter, Guy Cotter.  He also helped clean up the camp.  Scottie is a man of action after all.  He says it has been very intense and sad at Base Camp.

He’s now in Pheriche and then will spend  a couple of days in Namche Bazaar before heading to Kathmandu.  I’m uncertain of the situation in Kathmandu.  I can only imagine it is very difficult with crowding, aftershocks and people living outside – and the hygiene issues associated with such a disaster.  We hope for his safe return home in the next 10 days or so.

IMG_1918Base Camp before the avalanche.

Scott ok at EBC

It feels like a repeated message from last year.  I’m sorry for the delay posting, I was focused on FB as it has greater reach.  Scott was at camp 1 when the 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25.  He was with the entire Adventure Consultants climbing team at the time.  An unprecedented avalanche was caused by the EQ, which then ripped through the Adventure Consultants Base camp.  Tragically 5 Sherpa (who were in the cook tent) were killed but other base camp staff were unharmed.  I’m not clear on the exact number of fatalities at EBC but reports are saying 15-18.

Scott was evacuated with the rest of the AC team to EBC yesterday Nepal time.  Since then, he’s been trying to find his equipment and help AC clean up their camp.  It would seem that most of Scott’s film equipment, tent, sleeping bag etc is gone or broken.  He did have some of his gear with him on the mountain.  At least he’s alive.

Basecamp is in better shape than Kathmandu which is facing a major disaster.  We are not sure when Scott will be home but in the meantime he is fine at basecamp.


Scott to Everest for fourth time and Emmy nominated for fourth time….

Scott left for Everest yesterday (March 24).  With two projects lined up – with summits planned for both – he’ll be a busy man.  The packing achieved new heights this year.  He was packing full time for two weeks and part time for the two weeks before that.  Boxes were arriving continuously.   He has three cameras on board.  His Assistant cameraman will be Mingma Sherpa – who also assisted him on Karina’s project in 2013.  Project one has him working for NZ guiding company Adventure Consultants.

On another note, Scott has once again been nominated for a Sports Emmy for outstanding camera work on the Hawaii Ironman.  He already has one Emmy from this production (where he works with the Texas Crew) and they have been nominated at least two times before.  May 5 is the day of decision.

Lots on – we’ll keep in touch!