Scott is back in Utah

Scott arrived home very early Monday morning (May 11).  We were really concerned hearing about the very significant aftershock centred near Namche Bazaar in the Khumbu valley on May 13.  At 7.2, this is easily enough to further destabilize buildings and landslides.  Aftershocks are always a big concern and Christchurch (where we were for the 7.3 EQ in 2011) still suffers from aftershocks several years later.

Scott is understandably quite shaken by the experience in Nepal.  The loss of the six Sherpas on the AC team has been especially difficult.  As he and Guy and Suze and Rob Smith (a Scottish guide) travelled down valley and to Kathmandu, they visited the families of the Sherpas who died and also visited the Sherpas still in hospital in K’du.  Although we are happy to have him home, it’s also a relief that he remained to assist AC clean their base camp and to visit and  (to try) to offer solace to the families of the fallen and to visit the other injured Sherpas from the AC team.

Please consider donating to the Sherpa fund via Adventure Consultants:

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