Everest encore on encore

He’s off again.  After a spectacular year demonstrating what an actual renaissance man looks like (balancing jobs, wife’s job/s and parenting), Scott heads back to Everest.  His jobs in the last year (a catch up since his blogger is useless) include a shoot for the Travel Channel at a fishing lodge in Alaska, a very physically demanding three week shoot for Red Bull in the Kimberly’s in Northern Australia (embedding and filming Red Bull athletes thrown into an extreme environment) and an equally full on shoot in Japan for Animal Planet where Scott donned a bee suit to film the world’s most dangerous wasps (10 stings will kill).  His camera lens would be covered in venom as he sweated away in the 43 degree (celsius) suit.  That’s well over 100F!

He once again joined the Texas Crew to film the prestigious Hawaii Ironman.  Being a moto-cameraman means a 20 hour day with much of it out on the black lava roads filming the athletes from the back of a motorcycle.  Scott loves it.  This year he filmed the men instead of the women.

Early in December he joined his good friends from Kinetic Media (who he’s worked with on the Winter Games NZ for several years) to film an Ironman in Bahrain.  It was a crazy long journey from NZ – but a short job.

Returning to the US, Scott then filmed four episodes for an upcoming National Geographic series which focuses on animals that have been brought back from extinction.  His segment focused on wolves, sea otters, Californian condors, sea elephants and Channel Island foxes.

Everest this year is a two-part scenario.  Part one is to film an Adventure Consultants client as he seeks to climb his seventh summit (the Seven Summits refer to the highest peak on each continent).  Part two is a New Zealand Film Commission feature documentary.  This means that Scott will likely be climbing Mt Everest twice – but his second attempt will be soon after his first and will most likely be from the South Col at 8000m.


Guilin, China – another shoot another year!


Getting stock footage in Hokitika, NZ

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