2nd round to altitude

Thanks for following Scott’s blog.  They did their first acclimatization round and tagged the bottom of the Lhotse face (6850m) then returned to EBC after 6 days up high.  Scott tweaked his knee on the way back down but it’s all taped up and has continued to improve since being back at base camp.  After that first round of acclimatizing, it’s important to return to recuperate.  Many have coughs and cold which really play havoc on the breathing up high.

The Pender team (Scott’s) set off at 1am Nepal time on the 28th to head back up for the second round of acclimatizing.  They’ll be hoping to get to camp 3 on the Lhotse face and will spend several nights at camp 2.  Then they’ll return to rest up and wait for the weather for their summit bid.  The key factor is letting the jet stream winds die down.  This happens only for the first two weeks of May usually.  The team is hoping for a May 12 summit bid.

In all AC posts and all conversations with Scottie, Blizzard the dog is a key feature.  He or she followed the team up to EBC and s/he’s followed them way up into the Icefall.  The entire team is besotted and Suze (AC manager) wants to take the dog home apparently.  The team next door is trying to steal Blizzard.  The latest is that Blizzard has fleas so they are trying to get a flea collar brought from Kathmandu.  Dogs in Nepal are not usually pets.  This is a feral opportunist canine!  But a most beloved one.  She did a runner for one night and the crew were devastated.  Obviously she missed her dinner so is now back.

Stay tuned for updates on the adventures of the high alpine dog and her followers.

Here’s a pic copied from the AC dispatch.  Classic – Scott is holding Blizzard’s paw.  He’s a dog lover from way back….



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