Scott to Everest for fourth time and Emmy nominated for fourth time….

Scott left for Everest yesterday (March 24).  With two projects lined up – with summits planned for both – he’ll be a busy man.  The packing achieved new heights this year.  He was packing full time for two weeks and part time for the two weeks before that.  Boxes were arriving continuously.   He has three cameras on board.  His Assistant cameraman will be Mingma Sherpa – who also assisted him on Karina’s project in 2013.  Project one has him working for NZ guiding company Adventure Consultants.

On another note, Scott has once again been nominated for a Sports Emmy for outstanding camera work on the Hawaii Ironman.  He already has one Emmy from this production (where he works with the Texas Crew) and they have been nominated at least two times before.  May 5 is the day of decision.

Lots on – we’ll keep in touch!

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