Scott ok at EBC

It feels like a repeated message from last year.  I’m sorry for the delay posting, I was focused on FB as it has greater reach.  Scott was at camp 1 when the 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25.  He was with the entire Adventure Consultants climbing team at the time.  An unprecedented avalanche was caused by the EQ, which then ripped through the Adventure Consultants Base camp.  Tragically 5 Sherpa (who were in the cook tent) were killed but other base camp staff were unharmed.  I’m not clear on the exact number of fatalities at EBC but reports are saying 15-18.

Scott was evacuated with the rest of the AC team to EBC yesterday Nepal time.  Since then, he’s been trying to find his equipment and help AC clean up their camp.  It would seem that most of Scott’s film equipment, tent, sleeping bag etc is gone or broken.  He did have some of his gear with him on the mountain.  At least he’s alive.

Basecamp is in better shape than Kathmandu which is facing a major disaster.  We are not sure when Scott will be home but in the meantime he is fine at basecamp.


2 thoughts on “Scott ok at EBC

  1. Very relieved and delighted to hear Scotty is OK. I’m sure he is helping others at EBC cope with the scope of this tremendous tragedy.

  2. Glad to hear that Scott is ok. Anna your nerves must be frayed after this. Two years in row seems unbelievable. Your family and the people Nepal are in our thoughts

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