Trekking: Namche Bazaar

Trekking:  Namche Bazaar

Scott is currently trekking into Basecamp with the team. Iffy weather, snow and rain have meant a few delays – waiting for clearances to get the necessary shots. It’s also meant a fair amount of trekking. They left the colourful village of Namche Bazaar (and the last showers) for Tyanboche Monastery. There’s a big hill to climb to Tyangboche and they still had to get to Deboche – another 2-3 miles. The powers-that-be then called them to return to Namche for some essential footage that had been missed due to the foggy conditions. They duly walked back to shoot in better visibility.  The trekking is all good training for higher up. Their trusty girl guide (Lydia Bradey), has stuck with them. Lydia has done numerous trips to Nepal both personal and guiding and has climbed Everest three times. She’s also a physical therapist and is very creative and funny so they are bound to be having a good time.
Scott was accosted by some Brazilians in Namche after one of them recognized him from Karina Oliani’s show from last year. Scott is famous in Brazil!

Arrival in base camp


The team, including Obie, arrived in base camp on April 12. This was the end of the line for Scott’s family and Anna and Obie headed back to Gorak Shep the same day. Tough.

Karina, Scott, Pemba and Mingma stayed to settle in. Scott finally got his camera tent and solar panel up and some power into the system. Life in BC had begun.

Unfortunate news came from Anna two days later – the death of our good friend Craig Patterson in an avalanche back in Utah. The puja day at base camp where a Lama arrives to bless the expedition for health and luck and safety, provided the chance to also pray for the soul of Craig. It’s supremely difficult to receive bad news from home when so far away but we feel fortunate to have the means to support Craig’s memory in such a powerful and magical place.

On the 16th, Scott and the team headed into the icefall for the first time. Scott reported good, though crowded conditions and excellent light though conditions were cloudy. Despite the emotion of the past few days, the business of Everest goes on.

Gear advantages….

Scott loves shooting with the “dougmon” hand-held shooting system. It takes significant strain off his shoulder and back as well as stabilizing the shot for hand-held shooting.

The crew has made it to Pheriche at 4200m/14000 feet. We are taking a day to acclimate here. Tomorrow the plan is to head 700m/approx 2400ft to Lobuche. That will be a big hike so it is important to have the rest day today. Everyone is in good spirits and going well. The images are looking good and Scott is managing to hit the shot list! He’s also trying a new supplement and is feeling as good as he has ever felt in his 3 trips up here. Charging!


Packing in Scott’s “Man-otorium”.

IMG_3214It doesn’t look like much stuff cos this is where the camera magic happens. The down suits and sleeping bags and packs and general climbing gear are in piles downstairs. Most of the time Scott works on his camera equipment – affixing various types of heaters to ensure maximum battery life, constructing mounts using gear that he is already carrying and stashing bags for easy access on-the-go. The climbing gear takes less focus and at least Anna can help with that.

Return to Nepal

Scott is returning to Nepal April-May 2013 to film Brazilian TV personality, doctor and helicopter pilot, Karina Oliani: as she attempts to summit Mt Everest via the South Col route. Packing for such a trip is extremely involved as it is critical to keep the equipment functioning in such a harsh environment. Scott will take a Red Epic and Canon 5d.

His family (wife Anna and six year old son, Obie) will join him for the trek toward BasecampL1050060