Arrival in base camp


The team, including Obie, arrived in base camp on April 12. This was the end of the line for Scott’s family and Anna and Obie headed back to Gorak Shep the same day. Tough.

Karina, Scott, Pemba and Mingma stayed to settle in. Scott finally got his camera tent and solar panel up and some power into the system. Life in BC had begun.

Unfortunate news came from Anna two days later – the death of our good friend Craig Patterson in an avalanche back in Utah. The puja day at base camp where a Lama arrives to bless the expedition for health and luck and safety, provided the chance to also pray for the soul of Craig. It’s supremely difficult to receive bad news from home when so far away but we feel fortunate to have the means to support Craig’s memory in such a powerful and magical place.

On the 16th, Scott and the team headed into the icefall for the first time. Scott reported good, though crowded conditions and excellent light though conditions were cloudy. Despite the emotion of the past few days, the business of Everest goes on.

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