Trekking: Namche Bazaar

Trekking:  Namche Bazaar

Scott is currently trekking into Basecamp with the team. Iffy weather, snow and rain have meant a few delays – waiting for clearances to get the necessary shots. It’s also meant a fair amount of trekking. They left the colourful village of Namche Bazaar (and the last showers) for Tyanboche Monastery. There’s a big hill to climb to Tyangboche and they still had to get to Deboche – another 2-3 miles. The powers-that-be then called them to return to Namche for some essential footage that had been missed due to the foggy conditions. They duly walked back to shoot in better visibility.  The trekking is all good training for higher up. Their trusty girl guide (Lydia Bradey), has stuck with them. Lydia has done numerous trips to Nepal both personal and guiding and has climbed Everest three times. She’s also a physical therapist and is very creative and funny so they are bound to be having a good time.
Scott was accosted by some Brazilians in Namche after one of them recognized him from Karina Oliani’s show from last year. Scott is famous in Brazil!

Return to Everest

Scott is again returning to Everest for the 2014 season.  He leaves in a few days.  This year is especially exciting as Scott is one of two cameramen (Coloradan Kent Harvey is the other) filming the mountain scenes in a movie depicting the 1996 Everest tragedy in which 8 climbers died in a fast-moving storm.  As the film’s second unit, Scott and Kent will climb the mountain to get shots of climber doubles and plates/scenics.  Much of the action takes place at Base Camp – the set of which is currently and convincingly erected in a studio in London.

Here’s the goss on who is in the film:

Adventure Consultants (Mountain Guides) from Wanaka, NZ are providing guides and logistical support.  Scott’s worked for and with AC for years and knows most of the team heading in.  Legendary Everest (ex-bad girl) climber and guide, Lydia Bradey is guiding the camera team and climbers along with prolific kiwi summitter, mountain guide Mike Roberts.  It’s a strong group, all of whom have summitted several (or more) times each.

Many friends from Wanaka will join the group to walk in.  Coffee, cake and food guru-in-harsh-places, Sarah McNab (also from Wanaka) will provide food support.  The Sherpas always do a great job with the food but Sarah will provide extra support – especially for the several birthdays that occur on the trip.

I (Anna, Scott’s wife) will post as the journey progresses.  Scott will be most likely be away until early June,