Numerous projects in 2019

Both Scott and his media manager were exceptionally busy in 2019 and only now during the pandemic, are they able to update Scott Simper Productions. Enjoy some stories and accounts over the coming weeks. Stay home and stay healthy. And be kind!

Mongolia: Motorcycling and climbing: Scott joined adventurer Jamie Clarke (his cohort from Everest 2010) to film Jamie and his teenage son Khobi riding motorbikes across Mongolia in a quest to bridge the digital divide between them. After riding the KTM 450’s for 1100 miles, the team of three climb Mongolia’s highest peak: Khüiten Peak (Mongolian: Хүйтэн оргил, lit. “cold peak” ; also as Friendship Peak in China; Chinese: 友谊峰; pinyin: Yǒuyì Fēng) is 4,356 m above sea level and a permanent snow cap in the Altai Range. The international border between China and Mongolia runs across its summit point.

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