A Mindful Choice

A Mindful Choice.

The connection is Castle Hill Village where we live in New Zealand.  Our neighbours Hop and Sally practice a simple, peaceful style of meditation called Ascension.  An example of the mindset is described in a newsletter received today;

“This week – when you Ascend, don’t Ascend for any reason at all. Don’t do it to get anything, at all. Don’t do it to get rid of thoughts, don’t do it for anything. Not even for peace, not even for rest. Just do it, with wide open innocence, without expectations.
 Show up for sure – keep regularly practicing – but without any insistences, without looking for anything.
 Then you can completely let go and receive what you need to receive, not what you think you want to get.”
The mission of ascension is to create peace – a method to create a peace that is bigger than your problem.  The mission of Hop and Sally is to spread peace and spearheading this film that takes us into Mexican prisons, to Cuban elite ballet schools, and to the West Coast of New Zealand, was a way to scatter peace.
It’s a beautiful film.

“Stunning cinematography combined with the power of people sharing from a place of profound peace delivers a palpable and moving experience”.

“A convincing portrayal of how inner peace is possible for all.” Oaxaca Film Festival

View trailer here


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