Recent Projects:

America’s Forests with Rolling Stone keyboardist, Chuck Leavell

Scott has been shooting this PBS project for several years with his great friend, producer Kate Raisz from 42 Degrees North films

Presenter, Chuck Leavell is an acclaimed musician as the keyboardist for such legends as the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. He’s also a tree farmer in Georgia and he and his wife, Rose have won accolades for their conservation work.

In recent years, the Production team and Chuck have travelled to forests in Minnesota and temperate rain forest in rainy Oregon; They’ve explored creative uses of beetle-kill pine in Colorado – including drums (music permeates the entire series) and handcrafted Meier skis; Scott reckons his favourite forests are the Long Leaf Pines in Georgia for their density and diversity. This is a tree that once covered up to 90, 000, 000 acres in the SE United States but is now reduced to around 5% of its pre-settlement range due to fire suppression (it thrives in fire) and clear-cutting.

More to come as this production rolls on.

photo: James Edward Mills

See Alan’s Farst’s feature-length Documentary – Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man

Interactive Swamp Tour, Lafitte, Louisiana

The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve was established to preserve nationally significant examples of the rich natural and cultural resources of Louisiana’s Mississippi Delta region. The park seeks to illustrate the influence of environment and history on the development of a unique regional culture. Alligators abound!

Scott filmed a museum project for the town of Lafitte the in bayou with producer (and Louisiana native), Laurence Cumbo (who he met at National Geographic).

Ethiopia Cure World Blindness Project

Scott was greatly touched by his work with the Himalayan Cataract project in 2003. ( Doctors Ruit (Nepal) and Tabin (USA) are ophthalmologists who seek to eradicate as much unnecessary blindness from the world as possible. Operating in Nepal, Ethiopia and Ghana, they are able to operate on many patients daily and return those blinded by cataracts to full vision for about USD$25 per patient. In April 2022 Scott travelled with the team to Ethiopia to film an ongoing project for the foundation.

Ongoing National Park Service media updates

Another ongoing project is Scott’s work with the NPS. In 2022 he spent time in the North Cascades National Park (Washington State) shooting with local climbing guides. Climbing the iconic Forbidden peak out of Boston basin had Scott back filming in the mountains.

Scott also shot for Lake Clarke National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Lake Clark preserves the ancestral homelands of the Dena’ina people, an intact ecosystem at the headwaters of the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, and a rich cultural wilderness.

North Cascades National Park. Forbidden Peak.

Lake Clarke National Park and Preserve, Alaska

iFit Global Workouts

Everest: A Trek to Basecamp, earned Scott yet another Emmy nomination. Notable also, that it was the first interactive workout experience to be nominated for a coveted sports Emmy. He filmed friend and renowned Mountain Guide and multiple Everest summitter (and now iFit presenter) Lydia Bradey before his covid summit of Everest in 2021.

Other iFit projects include treks to the summit of Kilimanjaro (the highest point in Africa), iFit China and many projects throughout the US. Scott even won a bronze medal in a 10km in Arizona – while filming (this means he was running backwards at least half of the time!)

Summit of Kilimanjaro


Shanghai, China

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