Everest Take 8

Scott is heading to Nepal this week for two shoots: One is with https://iconfitness.com/news.html where he will film with mountaineer, IFMGA guide, numerous Everest summiter and all-round wild woman, Lydia Bradey https://lydiabradey.com/ as they trek to Everest Base camp (EBC). Scott will remain at EBC to await his next project with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – an Everest clean up on a Sherpa team. Try keeping up with those guys. Ouch.

Scott will be away for 3.5 months by the time he re-enters NZ borders via the 2-week Managed Isolation system. We are feeling nostalgic about easier times of work and travel: Enjoy the video of Obie arriving at Everest Base Camp age 6 in 2013. I (Anna) will keep this blog updated.

Obie age 6, arriving at EBC in 2013 (and noticing that the flags are draped over a big chunk of ice, not rock)

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