Scott ok

You may have heard of the collapse of the Khumbu Ice Fall that resulted in the death of (I think) 14 Sherpas.  This occurred between Base Camp and Camp 1 on April 18.  Scott was at BC at the time and was not caught.  He and his team at Adventure Consultants have been assisting with the rescue effort.  Details are a little scarce so I cannot write much in case I get something wrong.  This is an enormous tragedy and our hearts go out to the friends (especially those in BC and on Everest) and family of the poor men who were caught. 


I will update as I find out more.  For now, the team will remain at BC until further decisions are made.


2 thoughts on “Scott ok

  1. Scottie~ Chris and I are so relieved to hear that you are ok. We’re thinking of you and our hearts goes out to everyone on Everest.

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