Base camp and beyond

Scott and team have been waiting in base camp during a lurking storm over the past 5 days. Although the storm has not been particularly vigorous,the team has chosen to wait for better conditions before heading higher. There have been some forays and shooting in the Khumbu icefall on the meantime. The waxing moon has provided sublime lighting over the past couple of nights and Scott has found a running circuit near base camp (bizarre yes, 17600 feet jogging loop).
He also met up with Chad Kellogg whom he met in 2010. Chad seeks the elusive and challenging speed ascent – Sherpa-less and oxygen less. He got close in 2010 and 2011. Looking at his blog, it seems the dream lives on and he is once again happy or be back on mt Everest.
Scott also spent a day filming the Icefall Doctors. This band of Sherpas are responsible for fixing the convoluted route through the icefall. The route involves crossing ladders with crampons on, climbing aluminum ladders and is both frightening and impressive. The Icefall Doctors are administered by the SPCC (Sagamatha Pollution Control Committee). Scott also joined SPCC’s Kami Tsering and Gala Sherpa and was impressed with both men’s swift footwork and efficient anchor placement. He enjoyed the opportunity to move quickly through the terrain. Maintenance of the Icefall is an ongoing project through the season as the ice just keeps shifting.

Weather permitting, Scott, karina, Pemba and Mingma will head for camp 1 tomorrow.

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