Arrival in Nepal

Within 18 hours of arrival, Scott flew to Lukla to help with aerial mapping of glaciers for David Breshears’ Glacier Works project. project David Breshears is a notable US film maker who specializes in mountain filming. Scott worked on this ongoing project last October in the Langtang Valley. Shooting from a B3 helicopter piloted by an Australian, they used a Tyler Bib Mount with an 8 camera Canon 5d array. Day one, they shot at 22000 feet around the stunning AMA Dablam with it’s etched buttresses and sharply defined snow runnels on the upper flanks. With limited time, the guys then flew toward Everest and into the Western Cwm on the mountain’s south side. This deep valley currently lies silent and empty awaiting the hordes of Everest climbers who will arrive in a couple of weeks. Stopping to shoot at Gorak Shep at 18000 feet, the view of the Khumbu icefall dominates the scene. The machine was having some vibration problems so Scott and David returned to Kathmandu by helo. Scott’s description of viewing Kathmandu from the air is fascinating – the clustered mass of dusty humanity squeezed into the otherwise lush Kathmandu valley.

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